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May 2018

Liz Jackson 'A Sense of Self'

Who we are

Firetail Orchids is a wholesale cymbidium orchid nursery operating from Central Avenue, South Nowra, New South Wales.  We do not open to the public.

Firetail Orchids (formerly Ikeda Nursery) is owned and run by husband and wife, Trevor and Pam Hughes.

We grow mainly seedlings from our own breeding.  Since October 2010 we have made an annual seedling flask list available on this website.  As far as possible, each list covers the full range of flowering time, bloom size and colour and caters for both commercial and hobby growers.  We supply to growers all over Australia and export to several other countries.

A small number of seedlings are retained each year either as breeding stock or for mericloning.

Where does the name come from?

Firetail FinchFiretail FinchesFiretail Orchids takes its name from the Red Browed Firetail Finch (Neochmia temporalis).  Particularly during spring and summer, we have many of these on our property, even in and around the orchids.